Friday, October 03, 2008

Father to the Fatherless

One of my latest projects provided quite a challenge for me. I was asked to create a poster and also a program cover for a play written about George Müeller. Now if you are not familiar with the name George Müeller then you ought to find some time and read up on this unique man. This man lived in the mid 1800's and built 5 orphanages and never asked for a penny of support to fund or build them. He relied totally on God for his support. He was a prayer warrior that it is said that in his room where he prayed, the floor was worn down from where he would spend hours on his knees praying and asking God for help and to take care of the needs of his orphanages.

I was informed that the play had quite a bit of humor in it. So how to design a play poster about a man who lived such a holy life and devoted his whole life to children who were in such dire need, and yet not make it look like a serious heavy drama? Well the end result came off really well I think. The whimsical child in the background also tying in to the fact that the children of the orphanages were often rescued off the streets. And the worn satchel which is a part of the play, also brings the viewer into the time period of the play. So all in all I think it came off like I wanted and the client absolutely loved it.