Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Getting Hot In Here!

I was approached by a client that was in the boiler industry. I was to do the artwork for a t-shirt design they needed. They sent me a picture of a boiler so I could see what one looked like. They wanted the boiler to have an attitude and to be ‘cool’. The shirt would read 'Boiler Attitude'. Here are several renditions made to the boiler as this project moved along. The client was constantly making changes to their original expressed desires. So I did become a little weary of drawing and redrawing but in the end the client was happy and I get to show off all the designs together in one place here for you to see. So the rejected designs weren’t an entire waste.

Customer's Boiler

‘It looks too much like a train.’

‘Can you add some pipes?’

‘More pipes please.’

‘Can you take out the rivets and have a tongue sticking out?’

And finally the finished design!

Just remember, I am here for you whenever your design needs start to heat up.


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